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Nice To Meet You!

Hey y'all, 

Thanks so much for stopping by I Do Declare!

We are Karen Keathley and Emily Cole, mother and daughter and co-owners of this little boutique. Emily, the daughter, has always been interested in fashion and she is also the owner of I Do Declare Blog. Be sure and check it out right here! She is the fashion guru and stylist for the business.

Karen, the mom, is a photographer and takes the photos for Emily's blog as well as for the boutique. She also is the organizational backbone of the business.  

Although we have our own areas of expertise, really we work together on almost everything. It was while planning Emily's wedding that we discovered how well our working styles mesh as well as how much we love to have a project! 

As you can probably tell from the name of the boutique and blog we are southerners and have the accent to prove it. We are from Little Rock, Arkansas and in addition to fashion we love sweet tea, fried foods, a good homegrown tomato, hiking, our Hogs, and the SEC. 

Our aesthetic leans to the feminine and ladylike. You will see a lot of dresses, lace, ruffles, polka dots, and tulle on our site. We are more classic than trendy, although we do love to mix it up and give you a surprise now and then.

We look forward to meeting you! 

Karen and Emily


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